sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009

Sunny Saturday in Barcelona

The purpose of this blog is to bring at one place all the interesting areas, activities and information I come across while exploring the wonderful city of Barcelona and its surroundings. I hope it will be useful as a way for visitors to access up to date and compelling information about what they can see here, or just as a source of interesting facts.

The main areas of interest will be things that I get first hand experience (and ridiculously motivated) with, hence what gets me off the couch and out of the house. That includes local history, nature and places, urbanism, local linguistics, local climbing, bicycling and technology.

Catalanism will be frequently mentioned on this blog as it is a fascinating issue that touches everyone living here. I appreciate the subject is delicate and it is easy to mistakenly write something inconsiderate. For this reason, I definitively invite Catalan readers visiting these pages to add and correct me when necessary. When, not if.

Hope this will be a nice blog, centered on fun things, not autobiographical and regularly updated. That's a big enough challenge already...

Finally, the name comes from a post I saw this morning on Digg, linking to this awesome infographic about the history of space exploration. I was getting seriously inspired by this cheesy chic song, but others were faster thinkers :)

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  1. Hi Remi! I'm a friend of Julia. She recommended your blog and I must say that I really like everything you've posted so far! I added a link to you on the Climb in Spain-web page and I will do a post about it as well.

    I saw some skiing photos in one of your friends blogs. I'm looking for ski touring partners, do you have any good leads for me?

    Thank you for blogging!